Rainbow Farm

Original screenplay.

Based on a true story. 


Rainbow Stripes

One week before 9/11.  In rural Michigan two men were raising their son on a farm and vacation campground that celebrated the legalization of marijuana. Known throughout the country for their annual “Hemp Festivals”, by fate they found themselves in a standoff with more than 350 FBI agents and nationally televised news.


Before it was over, the event would reach the tragic scale of Ruby Ridge and Waco.  Eclipsed by the international events of 9/11 one week later, the story of Tom and Rollie has been all but lost.


The true and untold story of two men and their son, the legalization of marijuana, our government’s excessive use of force, and the frightening realization of what our government’s security forces were doing the week before 9/11. 


Rainbow Farm deals with major current issues facing the United States and the world.   It’s about gay rights, legalization of marijuana, gun control (or not), and excessive government force.  


This true story took place almost 20 years ago, yet today it feels more relevant than ever.

WGAW #1823822