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One person performance


Judy Garland

She had more to say than sing...

June 1969. Two weeks after her 47th birthday, Judy Garland died in her London flat. 

This is a ghost story, a conversation between a legend and her audience. Taking place on the night before Judy Garland is laid to rest in New York, it is also the eve of the Stonewall Riots. 

Inspired from the underground and now infamous audio tapes Judy Garland began recording shortly before her death and at the request of her agent, Swifty Lazar. 

FACT:  Concerned that an accurate account of her life might never be told, Lazar gave Judy Garland a reel-to-reel recorder and encouraged her to start making tapes.  Over the last few years of her life, she did just that.  Alone, and often under the influence of prescription drugs and alcohol, Ms Garland recorded both reflections and tirades.

Available for TV, film and live theatrical production.

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