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A Southern "Northern Exposure" set in New Orleans.  A rookie psychologist hired at a residential facility and her community of “crazy people”.


A character-driven dramatic series that tells the stories of a young psychologist recovering from her own demons and a challenging past.  


FACT:  Since the closure of many mental institutions in the late 1970’s privately owned, state funded, and community located residential facilities have become one of the most common forms of long-term care and treatment for the mentally ill in the United States.


It is a melting pot of odd and remarkable individuals with one common vulnerability; they all suffer from various symptoms of schizophrenia. In the U.S. alone, more than 400,000 people live in such housing situations.


BACKSTORY:  Dr. Olivia Copperfield has been hired as the Resident Director of Elysian Fields, a housing facility for the mentally ill. With Olivia’s arrival, both the doctor and her patients find themselves on an extraordinary path of discovery.


For the patients, a hero has arrived. For Olivia, embracing a home for the mentally ill offers her the opportunity to place the whole of herself into her feelings, her work, and her beliefs. 


Precisely who is being treated is a matter of opinion.


THE SERIES:  The primary action unfolds at the privately owned and operated mental facility, Elysian Fields; home to some 40 schizophrenic patients. Built in the 1800’s, it is located in the Faubourg Marigny of New Orleans; a quiet family neighborhood that borders the raucous French Quarter. It is an imposing two-story edifice of Victorian/Creole architecture – shotgun apartments overlook a courtyard of wrought iron and Spanish moss. Long before its current reincarnation as Elysian Fields, the old building was known as Madame Devarouix’s Residence of Artists.


Put more simply, it was a whorehouse.


Like most of New Orleans, the structure is wrapped in a shroud of the past. Elysian Fields is a setting as rich, colorful and alive as the characters that inhabit it.


The stories will unravel as if jazz. These are stories that are inventions on a theme; unexpected, surprising, inevitable, unforeseen. Themes woven into a tale the way a riff is into the blues. And like jazz, Olivia’s journey is in a constant state of improvisation and discovery.