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One person performance


Wallis Simpson Duchess of Windsor

Before Diana... Before Megan...

She won a King's heart in the 40-year romance known around the world as "The Love Story of the 20th Century". In December 1936 King Edward VIII abdicated his throne for the twice-divorced American, Wallis Simpson. Despite being vilified by the Royal Family and branded as an "adventuress" and the "king's whore", she became an unlikely but potent global symbol of female empowerment and a worldwide social icon. But even with all that has been written about her, Wallis remained an enigma. Until now.

"THAT WOMAN! Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor" made its World Premier at the 2018 Edinburgh Festival Fringe to glowing reviews.

Available for TV, film and live theatrical production.

Contact Scott for more info.

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THAT WOMAN!Episode 1: "The world's most famous royal outcast!"
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